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Buffini & Company’s Blitz Program Aims to Help Real Estate Professionals Close More Transactions in 2009

Carlsbad, CA – January 22, 2009 – Buffini & Company, the largest training and coaching company in North America, announced today its plan to help real estate and lending professionals generate significant business in 2009. On January 15, the company is launching The Blitz, a 90-day program designed to create immediate results through focused action.

“The way to meet and beat a recession is with action,” says Brian Buffini, Founder and Chairman of Buffini & Company. “For many people in real estate, success in 2009 means simply staying in business. We want to help them take it beyond that. We’ve spent the past six months developing a program based on our time-tested referral systems to help agents and lenders not only stay in business, but close more transactions within 90 days of starting the program.”

Available free to all Buffini & Company Members, The Blitz provides daily, weekly and monthly activities aimed at helping real estate agents, lenders and brokers not only survive, but thrive in 2009. Members that join The Blitz will learn how to:

  • Generate a significant amount of referrals
  • Convert listings to commission checks
  • Cultivate, capture and cash-in on old leads
  • Move buyers off the fence and into escrow
  • Discover hidden sources of wealth within their business network

With over 6000 Buffini & Company Members actively participating, The Blitz has the opportunity to make a real impact on the face of today’s real estate market. To learn more, visit About Buffini & Company

About Buffini & Company
Buffini & Company is the largest real estate Coaching and training company in North America. Founded by industry expert Brian Buffini, the company provides its Members with systems for Working by Referral. Their unique and highly–effective lead generation system and business Coaching programs have helped entrepreneurs in 37 countries improve their business, increase net profit and enhance their quality of life. Members of Buffini & Company’s One2One Coaching™ program earn 6 times the NAR national average (US). Buffini & Company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

For further information: or 800-945-3485 x 2146.

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