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Brian Buffini, Dave Ramsey Share 7 Traits Emigrants Follow to Achieve Unprecedented Success on the EntreLeadership® Podcast

Buffini discusses the winning attributes of successful emigrants on popular podcast hosted by financial expert Dave Ramsey

CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 16, 2023) — Emigrants to America are four times more likely to become millionaires than those born in the United State, according to Brian Buffini, the chairman and founder of Buffini & Company, North America’s largest coaching and real estate training company. Not only that, one out of every five Fortune 500 companies has been started by an emigrant. This, in spite of the fact only 13% of the population is an emigrant.

According to Buffini, those who were born in the United States can achieve that type of success as well, if they follow the principles outlined in his bestselling book, “The Emigrant Edge”.  He discusses those attributes during an interview on “EntreLeadership®,” the popular podcast hosted by personal financial expert Dave Ramsey.

Buffini, who was born in Ireland, came to the United States as a young man. A tenacity for hard work helped him achieve astounding success, becoming a millionaire at age 26 and one of California’s top real estate agents before founding Buffini & Company in 1996.

“We’re in the land of opportunity,” Buffini says. “Fortunes are going to be made in the next 5, 10, 15 years. And if people listening today want to do that, they can.” 

In the podcast, Buffini and Ramsey discuss what Buffini believes the seven winning attributes of emigrants are. They include: 

  1. An openness to learn.
  2. A “do whatever it takes” attitude.
  3. A willingness to outwork others.
  4. A heartfelt spirit of gratitude.
  5. A boldness to invest.
  6. A commitment to delay gratification.
  7. An appreciation of where you come from.  

Of those traits, gratitude was especially important, they notes.

“The two most powerful words in business are ‘thank you,’ “ Buffini says. “And emigrants are grateful for the opportunity to do business here.”

“There is something that is unleashed in the human spirit that allows space, allows margin, to create success only when you learn gratitude,” Ramsey agrees.

The EntreLeadership podcast features real-life, real-time business and leadership coaching from Ramsey as well as other featured business leaders. To view the episode featuring Buffini click here.

Buffini will also be a guest speaker at the EntreLeadership Summit to be held in Nashville, Tenn., May 30-June 2.  To learn more and register, visit


About Buffini & Company

Buffini & Company is the largest coaching and training company in North America. Founded by real estate legend and master motivator Brian Buffini, the company provides a unique and highly effective lead generation system. Buffini & Company’s comprehensive business coaching, training programs and cutting-edge content have helped more than 3 million professionals in 45 countries improve their business, increase net profit and enhance their quality of life. To learn more about Buffini & Company, visit

About Brian Buffini  Brian Buffini, chairman and founder for Buffini & Company, was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, emigrated to San Diego, California in 1986, where he became the classic American rags-to-riches story. Discovering real estate, Brian quickly became one of the nation’s top real estate agents working a non-traditional methodology based on building long-term relationships with clients. Today, he travels the world sharing a message of encouragement about how to live your best life. His wit, wisdom and motivational style make him a dynamic speaker and host of “It’s a Good Life” podcast where he delivers simple tips, tools and training for a good life. He is a New York Times, Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestseller with his latest book, “The Emigrant Edge.” Learn more at

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