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Bill Steddum Honored with Buffini & Company Mentor of the Year Award

Carlsbad, CA – September 18, 2014: Bill Steddum, Regional Sales Manager over Mansfield and Midlothian offices and Director of Training of Century 21 Judge Fite in Texas, was recently recognized as Buffini and Company’s 2014 Mentor of the Year. Each year, one Certified Mentor of Brian Buffini’s Peak Producers Agent Training Program is honored for his or her high-level commitment to impacting and improving the lives of real estate agents. Steddum has been a large contributor to the stimulation of Texas’ housing market over the past two years and credits much of that success to offering the Peak Producers training program to his agents.

Steddum says, “The success we’ve had with Brian Buffini’s Peak Producers agent training program has been powerful. We’ve been able to significantly increase our agents’ production while helping them become great business owners.”

Century 21 Judge Fite® makes an investment in its agents by offering Peak Producers, a 12-week training program developed by industry expert, Brian Buffini. The program helps agents learn the habits, attitude and skills required to be a professional business owner and produce at a consistent high level. Steddum was chosen as the 2014 Mentor of the Year from more than two thousand Buffini & Company Certified Mentors across the United States and Canada. He has led two hundred and forty five Century 21® Judge Fite agents through the Peak Producers Program.

J’aime Nowak, Buffini & Company’s Master Trainer said “We believe one of the greatest things a person can do is to be a great role model and lift up others, helping them to see and reach for their potential while creating a great business at the same time. This is what Bill exemplifies and we are grateful for his tremendous advocacy and great service to his agents and our industry.”

As the largest real estate coaching and training company in North America, Buffini & Company equips real estate, lending, and service industry professionals with tools to dramatically increase business while living a balanced life. More than 29,000 real estate agents have gone through the Peak Producers training program since it was launched in 2012.

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